At Uncle'sLoft we understand that the work that we do for you is not just a piece in our portfolio, but marketing tools that you will use to advance your business. We have developed the design process with this in mind. This gives you a step-by-step road map to the successful completion of your design project.


This interview is administered to obtain critical information about applicable marketing and business strategies. This allows Uncle'sLoft to act as your visual translator allowing you to visually communicate to your audience.


After the initial interview Uncle'sLoft researches your company to develop the "direction" of the project. Direction is a synopsis of the function and visual messaging of the project


Uncle'sLoft molds the direction into visual vocabulary for your company. Representing your company not only with its product or service, but placing your company into its own environment. In this environment we can control color, type, position, messaging, and the goal.